Graduate Students

This page is designed to assist you in creating and implementing your school counseling programs. Here, you and other graduate students can share tips and tricks you have found to assist you as you learn the National Model and prepare to enter the school counseling profession. We are SO glad to have you!

Graduate students will also have the opportunity to “test drive” creating their ASCA Model Program during their pre-service training. By creating, consulting and contributing your documents to the web-site you will help yourself and other school cousnelors as well. Congratulations on picking a great pfression and we look forward to your contributions!

Attached is a list of artifacts that has helped my students create their ASCA Model Programs book.

Counselors Educators

Attached is a sample of the syllabus I have used to assist my students in creating their ASCA Model book during their fieldwork. I hope it is helpful to you.

If you have one to share, please send it to