What is a Flashlight?

The FLASHLIGHT BUILDER is an 8 Step Process for creating and sharing results of your Guidance Curriculum Actions Plans.

School Counselors are encouraged to measure ONE THING WELL each year and to share results via the Flashlight Approach with stakeholders. 

The FLASHLIGHT BUILDER will help you to Create! Consult! and Contribute! 

Here are the steps!

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Create! Consult! Contribute!

Using the FLASHLIGHT BUILDER© Approach to Creating and Sharing Results!

Looking for HELP to Start Measuring ONE-THING WELL in YOUR School Counseling Program?

Each year, school counselors are encouraged to create Guidance Curriculum and Intentional Guidance (Closing the Gap) Action Plans in the fall and to share the Results with staff in the spring. The year could culminate in a Celebration Day where school counselors gather with administrators and other stakeholders to share the successes of the year’s activities using the Flashlight Approach. If you’d like to create your own Flashlight PowerPoint , first you'll need an action plan. To help you with this process, we have created the Flashlight Builder© process.

How do I Begin?

The Flashlight Builder page will educate and support  you to create your documents, upload them on your own CESCaL page, submit them to use for review, receive feedback from CESCaL, and finally provide you an opportunity to share your complete projects with other school counselors or administrators nationwide. Eventually, the website will contain hundreds of samples and examples of school counselors working to measure and report the results of their school counseling activities. To see what this process looks like, click here for a look at the Flashlight Builder process. You must be a member to use the Flashlight Builder, so if you are not already a member, please sign up.

The Flashlight Builder web-site section is dedicated to assisting school counselors as they work to create and implement Action Plans in their schools. So here’s how it works!

  • Create!  First you will start by creating the items below using the instructions provided
  • Consult!  Next, you'll submit your items for review by CESCaL Fellows
  • Contribute! Then, when you item is completed, it will be archived and made available as a sample for others to review and learn from!                   

CLICK HERE to Start Building YOUR Flashlight!

The Flashlight Builder will take you step by step through the process of designing and collecting results to put in your Flashlight PowerPoint.

First, you Create!

  1. Create Action Plans (Guidance Curriculum, and/or Intentional Guidance: Closing the Gap)
  2. Create Lesson Plans
  3. Create the Lesson PowerPoint (if it is counselor generated)
  4. Create Pre-Post Tests that measure Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge (ASK)
  5. Crosswalk lessons to National Standards
  6. Measure Results and Report on Results Report
  7. Create School Counselor  Flashlight©  PowerPoint Presentations to share with faculty, staff, administrators and other stakeholders. You can also Create District PowerPoint’s to showcase the Districts success!

Second, Consult!

After completing each component, submit it to the CESCaL Fellows for review.

Next, Contribute!

Giving back to other school counselors is a great way to support our profession. We will Post Final product(s) on CECSaL with your “story narrative" which will appear "In the Trenches" Eventually, the website will support  receiving colleague appreciation and feedback via ratings and comments!

Finally, Feel proud!

You will have contributed not only to the students in your school, but to school counselors everywhere!

Read more below about the Flashlight Approach...

The Flashlight Approach is a way to immediately begin to show results of your program using key concepts in the ASCA National Model even if you are just beginning to understand it.  Some school counselors may believe they need to finish each component of the model before moving forward. For example, they may want to take the first year to determine which standards to address, or write their entire curriculum and then connect it to standards, all before collecting impact data on their programs or activities. When counselors do this, they may be forced to wait years to have results to share with stakeholders. Professional school counselors simply can’t wait any longer to gather data to show their programs are contributing in a meaningful way to student success. Instead of taking the first year in your program to align all lessons to standards, and then waiting until the following year to collect results of your program, it is suggested counselors choose ONE THING they want to measure the first year. Then add more as time and staffing allows.

When creating the Flashlight PowerPoint, follow this basic Flashlight Approach. Start by indicating the standards this activity addressed, then share process data (explain what you did and when, where, and how often the activity was performed). Then add your pre-post perception data (measuring attitude, knowledge & skills), and the results data (the behavior change you intended to get in attendance, behavior or achievement). Next, share any limitations of results followed by implications for how to improve the activity next time and a thank you to the staff for their support of the school counseling program.

When selecting ONE lesson or activity school counselors can measure something that they either already do, or would like to do. Then, using the Flashlight Approach , take it all the way through –reporting the standards, activity, process, perception and results data and implications – just as presented here in the Sample PowerPoint. Note the instructions in the NOTES section. It’s important when counselors are learning to collect and use data to share programs success that they do not try to measure everything, because they’ll lose their mind, and we can’t have that – as counselors are supposed to be some of the sanest people in school!

While getting lost in the data can be fun when you are just beginning, it can also feel very overwhelming. So instead of measuring everything, take one thing you are either already doing, or one thing the data tells you must be addressed at to your school in the areas of attendance, behavior or achievement and do the Flashlight Approach. Then create your PowerPoint and share your successes with your school staff. Finally, encourage school counselors in your district to come together to celebrate and share successes – it’s a great opportunity to learn, grow and take pride in the value of the profession.

Professional school counselors who use PowerPoint to share the results of their programs with staff and school boards can publicize them on their district or school web-site for all to see. We hope to see them here!  If every school counselor reported results Flashlight PowerPoints, and added them to this web-site,  soon these single flashlights would join together to shine like the large beams of light showcasing the successes of our school counseling programs.